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TutorFox's Guide to Getting a High SAT Score 2015 - 2016 Edition

The TutorFox SAT guide is the book used by both our SAT tutors, and students who wish to get a high SAT score on their own without tutoring. The TutorFox SAT guide was written by two students who scored 2350 and 2400, and is in an easy to read html format. Our guide contains roughly 50 pages of material covering Critical Reading, Vocabulary, Number Theory, Algebra, Geometry, Probability, Sentence Corrections, Improving Paragraphs, and Writing the Essay.

While this guide is perfect for one on one tutoring, it is also known to work wonders without any tutoring. After purchase, you will be redirected to the guide URL.


Price: $10.00


Testimonials of people who used our SAT guide:

This guide taught me strategies that improved my SAT score by over 330 points after just two months of concentrated work. With just a little work every week, I easily obtained the score I wanted.
John (UC Berkeley)


I bought your New SAT Guide online and am working through it. So far I've found it to be great; it's worth tons more than the $10 price. Those tips for the CR section were especially helpful to me.


After reading the TutorFox SAT guide, and studying for just 3 weeks, my score went up 260 points, and I was even accepted to Brown, thanks!
Kathy (Brown University)

I used no other guide or preparation except this guide and I got a 2200 on my first try.  This guide helped me feel stronger and more confident in my weaknesses and helped reinforce bases in my strengths.
Jon (UCLA)

So far, the guide has helped juniors and seniors get scores like: 2100, 2400, 2090, 2180, 2230, 2270,2200, 2030, 2300, 1950, and 2330. The lowest score of anybody who has read the guide and followed its instructions is 1930! Please email us your scores when you get back your SAT scores after reading our guide (We would love to hear about how many points our SAT guide helped you improved by).

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