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TutorFox’s tips on how to get a 5 on the Advanced Placement Human Geography Exam.


AP Human Geography is a college level introductory human geography course.
In order to prepare well for any AP, you should take as many practice tests as possible. The CollegeBoard, the company who makes the AP has many practice questions available from previous AP Human Geography exams.

AP Human Geography Free Response Practice

2007 Free-Response Questions (.pdf/279K)
2006 Free-Response Questions (.pdf/180K)
2005 Free-Response Questions (.pdf/160K)
2004 Free-Response Questions (.pdf/162K)
2003 Free-Response Questions (.pdf/259K)
2002 Free-Response Questions (.pdf/237K)
2001 Free-Response Questions (.pdf/109K)


In addition to doing practice free response problems in human geography, you should get the AP Physics Princeton Review book.

This book is an excellent resource and study guide to getting a 5 on the Advanced Placement Biology exam. The Princeton Review guide has 2 full length practice tests, Each question is fully explained in the solutions. If you want a 5 on the AP Human Geography exam, you should purchase this book regardless of whether you want tutoring. If you need assistance and additional guidance then you should get Human Geography tutoring, which the TutorFox tutors are happy to oblige.